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Our Story

The structure standing at 333 N Brooks St. has been known as a warehouse since its inception in the 1940s. Originally held by the Carroll family, the building was purchased by Christer and Gina Johansson in 2020. It was initially acquired to continue serving its earliest intended  purpose as a storage warehouse. Alas, the spark of inspiration caught life on the kindling that was the possibility of what could be. How might a modest warehouse enrich Downtown Sheridan? 


Essentially a blank slate on offer, there were many potential uses for the building. The Johanssons were determined to introduce something new while still paying homage to the building’s  history. The concept was to create a casual environment fit for grabbing a drink, socializing and equally important, to offer affordable high quality food. What sort of business could embody such lofty goals of the collective group? A gastropub checked all the boxes. Little did they know at the time, the location would provide so much more to guests. 


Gastropub as a word and concept was established  in the early ‘90s in London. David Eyre and Mike Belben saw an opportunity to improve upon the pub (public house) model by putting as much thought and effort into their food as their libations. Lounge-like spaces, previously focused on casual social interactions and drinking, would now provide elevated culinary offerings. They anticipated a hearty reception for such amendments to the traditional pub and their efforts proved worthy. It is with that spirit that The Warehouse was inspired. To call it a sportsbar, restaurant or pub would not be fitting to its vast offerings.

Our Story

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